Need A Title?

Do You Need A Title For Your Car?

Are you a mechanic, auto repair shop, dealership or wrecker service with a car on your hands but no title to go with it? 

abandoned-vehicle-2Or are you just a regular guy (or gal) who just bought a car but the previous owner never gave you the title? Or perhaps you lost the title or it was destroyed and you have no way of getting it back.

Then Access Title Services is here for you.

No matter what happened or how you wound up with an untitled car on your hands, we can help you straighten the matter out. Just contact us and we’ll get you a clean, brand new title with the State of Georgia for your vehicle.

  • Abandonments
  • Title hearings
  • Bonded titles
  • Mechanical liens
  • Storage fees
  • Haul offs
  • Impounds
  • Lost titles/paperwork

What Is Access Title Service?

“We Are Your “Abandoned Vehicle Specialist”

We are absolutely committed to providing quality service with our “customer first” philosophy and our “affordable pricing” in which we have set forth as our guiding principles.

Our Services

Representation; Negotiation; Litigation; DOR visits; and all other duties required in the process of obtaining a Certificate of Georgia Title for you. *All Vehicles will be verified through the National Crime Information Center before processing.*

We Specialize In Assisting…

Those in the Automotive Industry recoup monies invested in vehicles that have been abandoned on their lots, or by those customers who have left their vehicles without approving the work to be done; impounded vehicles; and lost titles/paperwork for individuals.

We do this by properly preparing lien sale documents outlined by the Code of Georgia O.C.G.A 40-11-6 and 40-11-2, giving you the “right” to the vehicle. Once this procedure has been put into place, one of two things will happen. The owner or lien holder will come pay you for your services rendered and/or storage fees and pick up the vehicle; or we’ll furnish you with the documents giving you the right to sell the vehicle – in other words you become the new owner!

Access Title Services offers services throughout all counties in Georgia:

All this is done within sixty (60) days. Once the lien sale documents have been completed, it will contain all the required paperwork which gives you the right to sell the vehicle and you will then have The Certificate of Title.

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Office: 678-534-3509

Mail all inquiries to:

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PO Box 870216
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